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What are the benefits of working with us? Wallace Web Works simplifies your role in creating your online business portfolio. Wallace Web Works uses a personalized coaching approach to develop your own unique message for your website, and to connect you with your ideal clients through your website.

Just consider some of these challenges while deciding how you wish to approach creating your web site.

  • Why should you divert precious time from your business to take on the challenges of building a web site?
  • Why should you struggle with do-it-yourself web building tools only to produce a “cookie cutter” site that does little to enhance your business?
  • How can you make a do-it-yourself site’s presentation complement your business image?
  • How will you know if the appearance or WYSIWIG (“What You See is What You Get”) of your web site on your host server will be the same on different browsers?
  • What are web-safe colors?
  • What color schemes should you avoid?
  • How do you create on-line forms?
  • How will you prepare your images to load quickly and display at the correct resolution and position?
  • What key words should you use to help your customers find you online?

You don’t have to deal with the many challenges of web development. You can devote your valuable time and expertise on your business, while Wallace Web Works utilizes their expertise in web design, programming, organizing content, building and linking web pages to build a web site that compliments your business.

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